Saturday, March 14, 2009


So yea
I didn't get a chance to post ANY thing over the week like I said I wanted to...
Was either to drunk to coordinate finger movements to type not only words but construct sensible setences on this phone
Was either to fucking tired...

None the less I have tons of stories... Well not really stories but random moments......
I also learned alot about people and myself
One being that I am a happy loner.... (Doing things on a group schedule make me sick)
I made more friends and met some nice/generous ppl lol

I would start a entry but it is no way in hell that I am going to type a blog of any sort on this damn phone....
No noo

:) <-- I think smiley faces r gay lol

Anywho, while I wait for my cab and flight
I'm gonna play Dance Dance Revolution


  1. lol im glad u had a nice trip and welcome homes babes

  2. I think you did pretty darn good for using a phone! I thought about blogging through the phone once... then I thought..."nope...I'm good!"

  3. yea at first it seems soo convenient and then when you finally try to do it.. its like you lost all sanity and your head begins to hurt.. if you do attempt to try you have to mos def be in a corner all by yourself with no distractions....
    if not u will never finish the damn thing lol