Tuesday, November 30, 2010

St Vincent

I like to feel like I put some of you guys on to new fantastic artist when i post random videos in lieu of a real post..lol

I recently fell upon this here gem while listening to the track "Maniac" on Kid Cudi's new album. Her song was sampled on the chorus of the song... and of course with me being the person I am, immediately take to the lovely world wide web to find out more about her.
Long story short... She goes by the name of St. Vincent and is pretty damn awesome.. A true gem indeed...
Been playing her nonstop for the past couple of days

(song Kid Cudi sampled)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

What do they call me

ive been waiting for this to show up on youtube...

love love love this performance
phenomenal from all four of the ladies....
but ledisi ...... *sheeesh* o'lawdamercy

Sunday, November 7, 2010

a moment

You can't tell me Al Green doesnt make you smile.


Saturday, November 6, 2010

i lost 15lbs

....... tonsillectomy is no joke

this is just within a week

Monday, November 1, 2010

Horror story

man oh man. I havent been on blogger to actually write a "post" in months...

For a while i was debating between the fact if i should continue to post shit about myself and my life on this world wide web or if i should just stick to keeping my random rambles amongst personal friends and/or caged in the membrane.

To say the least I missed Blogger.
So I guess the only question is, where do i begin.....

well first I guess i can start with the mere fact that I am in recovery mode from a tonsillectomy I just had last wednesday and let me tell you............. worst recovery ever.(Not that I have anything to compare to it, since this is my first surgery ever.) As the days progress, I feel worst. That's some complete mind fuckerage right there. You would think as the days progress, that the pain would subside since you would technically be healing. umm no.

For those of you that dont know what a tonsillectomy is, it is the surgical procedure of the removal of the tonsils.

*cricket sounds*

Yes, you read right. I got my tonsil removed....... NO, im not 5....Yes I am grown. People always equate tonsil removal to a kiddie procedure that babies get but let me tell you adults get them done to for many adult reasons.... (sleep apnea, tonsillitis(<-no joke), enlarged tonsil, tonsil stones, strep throat, & etc). And unlike when kiddies get it, adults dont heal as fast and painless. Tonsillectomy for adults is a mental and physical WARFARE aka worst pain ever!!!! Okay, Im exaggerating but you get the jest. Well any who, before I got mines done, i scanned the internet to do a little research on what to expect to mentally prepare myself. Hell, I even asked a few people that I knew that had theirs done. And when I tell you that EVERY story that I came across was like a freaking horror story... I mean it. Each story went from everyone crying of the agonizing pain, how they lost all this weight, how they couldn't eat or do anything for weeks and even how they lost their taste buds for some months. ((O__O)) I was shook.

Hearing and reading all of this had me mentally prepared to look and feel like an abandon refugee...... I was over it! I was so over it and filled to the brim with horror stories that i was practically no longer nervous about the surgery or recovery anymore. I had excepted the fact that I was going to wither up into a dry bag of bones, so I was real nonchalant by the time surgery day came about.

*Well anyways.... fast forward a few hours after surgery.*

The first few hours after surgery was a doozy. I woke up to my nurse, sounding like my mother, yelling my name telling me to stay awake *whilst she injected sleepy pain medicine into my iv*
-______________- I couldn't stay awake for more than 5 mins......blah blah blah.. not much pain here as i was too doped up to feel anything. shit I couldnt even feel my legs... (this came to my attention after I abruptly got up to use the restroom and went tumbling face and IV forward out of my bed... heh) Anywho, after being their a few hours fighting my sleep. i grew tired and disgusted and demanded that they release me. They released me. then i slept the whole drive home. :-)

Okay off topic but back to the real story at hand..... the first two days was easy. Barely any pain, I slept like a baby.. *Special shoutout to my $60 Pain Medicine*

Pain was so miniscule, i was sleeping good, talking and eating tuna salad, yogurt and wonton soup (still soft food) like my throat wasnt a big ass open sore. Just living it up free as a bird and shit. I thought back to some of the horror stories i read and laughed. Like "ahhh sad weaklings how can this be so bad"

**Pain Medicine can make you cocky**

little did I know.

Eye before the storm. O_O

I am now on day 5 and i feel like complete dried up elephant shit.

I cant even manage to say a single word without feeling like im slicing my throat. Hell the mere task of swallowing ones spit or water is like preparing to swallow a jagged crab shell. a tear welds up in the corner of my eye every time. I cant eat anything but ice chips..
and i have headaches and ear aches that can crush any sinus infection that anyone has ever had.. intense boots. I feel like this is death. and its just day 5 of the 14 day recovery. *cries*

My once glorious pain medicine is not so glorious anymore... that shit is like blood now... i need it to just be able to eat a cup of ice... which is now my preferred meal of the day.
Hunger is not even the word to describe how i feel right now... like i get hot flashes just hearing or smelling other people eat. I tried to eat a bowl of potato soup earlier and almost felt as if i was about to throw up all my internal organ so i had to quit. Very disgusted... i wonder how much longer till i will be able to see my ribs. o_o

anywho enough wooing myself....I know this is only a temporary situation and I dont mean to scare off anyone else that is thinking about getting their tonsils removed. Regardless, of everything that i just said, I think getting my tonsils removed was one of the best decisions i have made as far as my health is concerned This temporary hell beats the chronic hell that i was experiencing with my tonsils throughout time. So if you are reading my blog/horror story, Dont let me terrify you. Go through with it. Your body will thank you.

*looks back at what I wrote* Yea so I practically wrote a entire essay for you guys with this post and didnt even go through everything that i wanted to talk about. *le sigh*

guess i'll leave it at this yummy red velvet cupcake that i wish i could devour right now.

cupcake i got from BuckHead Diner in Atlanta Georgia

next episode: The Impala Meltdown