Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Catch Up

So besides working *bleh. I think I am gonna spend today catching up on everybody's blog that I am following....

Ya'll keep me entertained lol...
you might even get a comment or two from me lol..... im sure

So Ta Ta for now
and have a Great Day ♥

Monday, March 23, 2009

ooo Scary

So this Friday.... the movie with the scary ass trailer is coming out...

It's called "The Haunting in Connecticut"

For some reason i think this movie might be an actual scare but then again i don't know.... being that it is rated PG-13....

you never know...
still going to see it though

peep the trailer here.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Obsesses Craiglist/classified section Furniture shopping... by the way of Procastination

I'm indecisive...

I am quick to admit it
I can not make a decision in a reasonable amount of time to save my life...

this is bad because it usually ends up with me procrastinating some shyt...


a YEAR and a half ago... I made a vow with myself, that I was going to purchase myself some bedroom furniture since i was (and still am btw) living out of 2 body-size plastic buckets and 2 closets... with 1 being a walk-in :-|

It's getting ridiculous... because my clothes and little trinkets collection is
out-growing my room and it's storage containers.... smh

and even worst.. well its not that bad
due to the lack of proper storage, I have to donate some clothes and things about
every 2 months.


like whatt????

Plus even my dog seems to find his joy in my mess... as we all may know from previous post..

But not only does the barrage of clothing and shyt scattered in my room piss me off but it pisses my mom off (who has now given me my 8th eviction notice... because of this)
She tells me to buy some furniture or get the hell out.. lol
Now trust I don't mind getting out( i really kind of want to) but with the economy right now and my responsibilities of car note, health/car insurance, school tuition, taxes, tickets other fuck ass misc bills and whatnots. My young ass would be rape, strangled and defecated on the street by the lovely Corporate Puppetmasters ...(aka GOV'T)

So back to that part when I made a vow back a Year and a half ago...
Since that moment I have been aimlessly searching for some quality furniture (can't do cheap quality...thats not my style) at numerous of furniture stores and catalogs.... found some things but COULD NOT make my decision about what I wanted. For a fuckin year and a half!!...
now to me this is fuckin retarded and needs to fixed because I can't go on living in the "real" world like this.

the procrastination is getting worst now that I have responsibilities to spend my money on. So I had to throw away the "dreams-that-were-once-reality" of purchasing some "quality" furniture that would last and just get me some "fuck-it..Live Life" type dresser and chest off of craigslist and the washington post... or local thrift store
and make it happen... but this shyt is kickin my ass...

I can't really ask any of you guys for help.. because it's really nothin that you guys can tell me other than "get over it"..

so imma just sit here and continue to search craigslist...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

By the way....

I need to be touched......
i thought i could be strong and make it through...
eehhh neeee

i lied


This is the kind of mood I am in right about now (minus the shyt part lls)


in other thoughts.... This comic comes from this artist name Julia Wertz. I personally thinks she is awesome... her comics are so hilarious to me.. i don't care if no one else seems to think soo...

For more of her go to www.fartparty.org

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I love My Apples, but I want my Oranges back

I just got back home yesterday and I am already aching to go back to florida....


I am so pissed that I have to go back to "work/real life" in a couple of hours tomorrow

I absolutely ♥ Florida
and can not wait to go back
I had alot of fun lol and met cool people
and got on a few rides

Meanwhile, while I was there... i kept cursing how I didn't have my new camera yet(hint side pic)-->
not knowing that my phone's camera would suffice

yea ppl may hate on the iphone's camera capabilities but let me tell you..even though it has no flash or zoom or the fact that the picture snap button is ON the screen...the pictures are way better than the regular blurry ass camera phone pics....
shyt, they practically look like regular digital pics....i lied..lol

but i so ♥ my apple

any ways its gettin late so i'll just leave a few pictures until i come back tomorrow...

this is what I looked like almost every night for 7 days smh

yea i have a flask... does that make me an alcoholic??

i went here and had fun.. ;-)

..... and i even got a chance to do this hehe

Saturday, March 14, 2009


So yea
I didn't get a chance to post ANY thing over the week like I said I wanted to...
Was either to drunk to coordinate finger movements to type not only words but construct sensible setences on this phone
Was either to fucking tired...

None the less I have tons of stories... Well not really stories but random moments......
I also learned alot about people and myself
One being that I am a happy loner.... (Doing things on a group schedule make me sick)
I made more friends and met some nice/generous ppl lol

I would start a entry but it is no way in hell that I am going to type a blog of any sort on this damn phone....
No noo

:) <-- I think smiley faces r gay lol

Anywho, while I wait for my cab and flight
I'm gonna play Dance Dance Revolution

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Never cease to amaze me.... The iPhone

So I've been looking for a blogger app for my phone since I'm out of town and far far away from a computer.. I came across a few that look promising; I'm gonna try to test them out to see how they do.

In the meantime...
IM IN FLORIDA!! For a whole week... O yea!
My little fake spring break (it's not even my spring break yet neither)
And I feel that it is important that I have a app for this so that no insane story goes untold... I'm sure I will see and be involved in a lot of them lls.

Well anywho... I feel delusional right now... Functioning off of 4 hours of sleep and 2 flights is no good. Need to get my Zzz before I start writing some crazy shyt.... If I haven't already

Thursday, March 5, 2009



like a geek i have been anxiously waiting....
so anxious, that i might just go see it at 12:01am tonight

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Money makes me want to throw up

♫ Money make me cum... money money make me cummm ♫

Sorry Rick Ross, money does NOT make me cumm darling.
that is unless i bought a rabbit or something

in fact it makes me sick, delusional and numb...

I mean don't get me wrong i love spending it but with this economy like it is and has been. The love of spending it is now becoming more less enjoyable, than it is enjoyable. I know some of you will disagree, but i don't care.

Money is the root of all fuckin evil!!

and the root of all my panic and stress attacks...<- if that is real

If you put my ass on a reality game show, everybody's throat would be sliced and all backs would be stabbed.. there would be no fun and games or friendships being made... just me getting the money..lol

*just being real
I mean today, i sat here just now, calculating the money i will be getting come 12am friday morning and began subtracting all bills and expenses that will be getting cut out of it before i will EVEN GET A FUCKING CHANCE TO PUT MY LITTLE BROWN FINGERS ON IT.... and was fuckin left with a few measly coins to manage with.

ARGH!! fuck you bills

like WTF! School is basically the #1 ass raper of my life right now... I think they bust some kind of nut everytime they put my ass in a financial hold or some shyt. A bitch is gonna have to get her 2nd job back to make this shyt work again..

But I guess i can't complain too much because I made the decisions that put me in this financial mess... so i must build a bridge and get the fuck over it...

I have a trip coming up that i decided to treat myself too but the figures that i had planned to have in my bank account"s" have magically disappeared... so I am going to attempt to ask my mom for a few coins... which will be a hard task for me since i am pro-independent and all plus I haven't ask her for any money in a billion years.

Moms cut that spoiling shyt short when i was a little girl

I'm nervous but I'm still going to try cause i need it or else im going to be one sick puppy in florida

lil bi*ch tried it

I just can't even begin to fathom or think about the punishing i put on satan's seed when i came home and found:

a shredded pocket bible
chopped down dress shoe
the remains of a makeup eyeliner.... that i just bought.. fuckin BITCH!
ate up dove soap
turned over trash can and
a fuckin happy, demented puppy/grown ass dog

I swear something is wrong with him
he needs to be admitted to doggy boot camp ASAP because this is becoming to be a tragedy

any who.. enough about the dog.. i might get an aneurysm thinkin of his ass

**but i still &hearts him though;

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I'm slowly turning into a cat person...

I had this god awful dream last night. It was so awful that the anger pulsating through my body was strong enough to wake my ass up in the crack of dawn...
it involved some serious beating tantrums and some more shyt.....

I swear that sometimes I have some of the craziest dreams. I don't know if this is a result of my movie addiction or what. But maybe I should start writing some of this shyt down because it's serious and would create awesome scenes in movies......

anywho besides that point, my dream last night was like a direct example of my subconscious speaking to me...
To those of you that are wondering, the dream went a little something like this.....

I wake up from my sleep to get ready for work. Upon opening my eyes I see my dog, Shane looking at me.... DEAD in my face... he looked soo cute in his little german shepherd stance, staring me right in the eye waggin his tail and what not.....

too precious

So i called his name and he came hopping over seeming so happy to see that I was awake. I gave him a nice little pat on his head for an exchange of some wet dog kisses......... on my cheek
After our little exchange of doggy love.... i get up out of my bed

no sooner than my FOOT hit the got damn floor, he went running out of my room down the hall to who knows where... **I, a little bewildered by that behavior stood there for a second to process why he would do that

....*shrugs continue doing what i was doing.....

..so then i turn around..............................

i see one of my fucking favorite pair of boots, that i just bought not to long ago..... shredded the fuck up!!!! with one of the boots COMPLETELY torn in half. Immediately I begin to flip the fuck off. Like tearing shyt down, slamming doors, and screaming my ass off, looking like a angry black women type shyt...
instantlyyyyyy i knew who the culprit was....
>:-0 with his ashy nose

i demanded him to come to me... but he wouldn't soo...i went to him, carrying my mutilated beloved boot with me.... Immediately when he saw me, he ran into the corner and hid his face... I started beating the cosmic slop out of his ass with the busted up boot... i couldn't control my anger...it just poured out of me uncontrollably, until my brother came and stopped me and let him outside.... I was too through... anger just ran through my body...until i felt in throbbing through my feet.. at this point I woke up.....

so me, relieved to know that my boots were just fine... took my happy ass back to sleep.......... ****aww the relief***

that was until i woke the fuck back up.

this time i leaped out of the bed because i realized i was running late for work... there was no Shane waiting for me by the bed to wake up to neither...just me running like a chicken with her head cut off...

I'm running and racing; getting my shyt reading for work. Open my door and see one of my black BOOTS in the hall way....... immediately in the back of my head i began to pray... (now see these boots are not my favorite pair but yet i spent a pretty coin on them and got them on a temporary sale *wink*. So any emotion for them would count the same as if it were a favorite....
I walked up to the boot to find .....that the leather on the fucking heel was CHEWED AND PEELED THE FUCK OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


because i just can not think of any possible way to get that shyt repaired....like
ughhhhh.... as soon as i found his ass... i rammed my shoe in his face so he would know what i was about to beat him for lol
i then preceded to SLAP the shyt out of his face and threw him outside in the snow by his neck...

I was soo fuckin pissed this morning....

and still am....

he better not even think to come jumping in my face today when i get off like we on good terms.... because a bitch will go off... on his ass...

Monday, March 2, 2009


ok..so I was planning on updating the blog today while I was at work but i said fuck it... because i don't feel like being in this place any longer, I might start to gauge my eyes out or something...

i just want to go home and get the hell up out of this building.. so i'll holla later

maybe when i get home or something