Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Goo Goo for GA GA (Part 2)

sighhhhh GAGA does it again .........

as I have said before this Bitch is a MONSTER. She killing everyone in the game. Hands down. *shrugs*

I know there are some people out here that either:

  • can't stand her
  • thinks she has no talent,
  • that she's weird and over the top
  • that she's apart of a illuminati (freemason) < which i do believe as well

. I can give less a f**k. Ive been a stan for this chick since the debut of her album back in Oct last year.

To appreciate GaGA you have to be able to appreciate the art that she stands for. She is completely Avant Garde and I love it. And then on top of that the talent that she has behind her is amzing... Her team, meaning whoever styles her, promotes her, produces her music, and creates the concepts behind her music videos and performances, deserve some credit.


anyways... for a 5 min eye-gasm please peep GaGa's new video for her single "Bad Romance" (below)

and then for those of you that think she is talentless.... (hmph shame on u if u think so) please watch the below videos..

tis all.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


and with more force than ever....

it obvious that I have neglected Blogger for some time now. I have lost a lot of followers behind this neglect and that's understandable. I wont even give an excuse either, I'm just gonna say,


Besides work and school, i have been in the process of establishing a "FEW" new projects. I wont give too many details right now, simply because I don't want to jinx myself. Just know that it has the capability of putting me in a a different tax bracket if i follow through with it right.
and that's not a bad thing. :-)
I'm working on having things in the works by the end of this month.

On another note, I am on back on my photography steez.

Ever since I started working and brainstorming on these new projects, the creative juices have been flowing around the inside of my brain like never before. Therefore, I have decided to resurrect my camera from her slumber along with a few other counterparts (new cameras) and take more pictures.

*side note*
that means that I will take up more on the offers that I have been getting as far as photo shoots and collaborations are concerned. There is no way that I can perfect my craft if I just sit there doubting myself, watching my camera collect dust.

moral of the story:
YOU CAN DO ANYTHING THAT YOU SET YOUR HEART TO DO. pursue what ever dream that you may have and make it happen. you only have one life and one youth... make good use of it.

So one day while on my lunch break I decided to crack open my camera bag.... and bring her back to life. Here is a little preview of what i did:

**please note**
These photos were not edited by a computer software. There is a feature on my camera that allows me to play with the colors.

*DO NOT steal my photos... k thx*

I swear the camera is my best friend. There is nothing else out here that can get me as excited as photography does. Not even money and that's saying a lot. I see I'm gonna be one of those little old cat ladies but instead of cats its gonna be cameras lol... i already have 4 of them... and plan on purchasing 3 more before the new year. smdh

Anyways, I would love to blabber on about other things that do not concern "me".. but i can't right now. I have a test today in my 4 hours class at 6pm and I haven't even studied... *__*


Hope u guys had a wonderfurrr Day :-) (<-Madea voice)

ttyl ♥