Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Goo Goo for GA GA (Part 2)

sighhhhh GAGA does it again .........

as I have said before this Bitch is a MONSTER. She killing everyone in the game. Hands down. *shrugs*

I know there are some people out here that either:

  • can't stand her
  • thinks she has no talent,
  • that she's weird and over the top
  • that she's apart of a illuminati (freemason) < which i do believe as well

. I can give less a f**k. Ive been a stan for this chick since the debut of her album back in Oct last year.

To appreciate GaGA you have to be able to appreciate the art that she stands for. She is completely Avant Garde and I love it. And then on top of that the talent that she has behind her is amzing... Her team, meaning whoever styles her, promotes her, produces her music, and creates the concepts behind her music videos and performances, deserve some credit.


anyways... for a 5 min eye-gasm please peep GaGa's new video for her single "Bad Romance" (below)

and then for those of you that think she is talentless.... (hmph shame on u if u think so) please watch the below videos..

tis all.


  1. i totally agree! omg and the vid she did with beyonce for video phone!

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