Thursday, February 26, 2009

Blog?!?! .... what Blog..

My.. its hard to keep up with a blog ...gessshhh

I have soooo much to update it with.. omg plus i only have 6 followers right now..

i need to build this shyt up because lord knows I have stories to tell.....

key words of my doings in the past 2 weeks
* road trip...mini like shyt though
* death flu
* death...
* car accidents
* tire explosions on good hope rd...(my DC heads)
* Tundra

so I shall return....

Monday, February 16, 2009

A Shitty Mess

Okay, I was def in the process of writing a new, much over-due blog entry... when all of a sudden my dog decides to take a wet inappropriate monster shyt on the family room floor.........and then proceeds to hide...

WTF!!!! *stuck face


this is the face of the culprit...

I believe he just single handly blew my night... smdh

Monday, February 9, 2009

Shyt Day

Today..... my day is CRAP

woke up fine... was on time to work and all... all in all just felt good this morning
(smile on my face, with a little pep to my step. Smiling and saying hi to everyone I past)


as soo as i stepped foot in the parking garage of my work building the little black cloud of doom and horror found it's little comfort spot on top of my head..... IMMEDIATELY my view point of life turned into fuckery and bitchery..
making me want to punch everyone, that smiled at me or asked me how i was doing, in their fucking throat.


on top of that I still have a cold... nose is stuffed up and dry...so i am high off benadryl and sinuses... yippeeeeee

Ate McDonald's (cardboard delight*) today because i was being cheap. And almost threw up.

Wanted to cancel my b-day trip to Jamaica and kick everyone that i invited in the ass

Wanted to scream in anyone's face who was sayin ignorant shyt about my job duties

Went on craigslist, contemplating on running the fuck away and hiding out somewhere in New York

burned my eyes for 9 str8 hours doing shyt

read comics all day today while i was suppose to be working on something for my mother... but didn't give a fuck


fuck it.....

i only got 30 more minutes left till I'm sane again....

Sunday, February 8, 2009


well since I have no life

Please get into these guys...... They're absolutely amazing
Would LOVE to hear more of them ♥

The Weather of Death

So it is 67 degrees today in the DMV....pretty sure its pretty warm every where too......

I hope everyone enjoy the weather since i won't be.......
*stuck in the house with a cold.......sneezing my life away"

But please beware

this is death weather........
after all we did just have a blizzard like ummmmm 4 days ago....