Wednesday, April 21, 2010

hello new followers!

why hello hello

im shocked that i still get new followers even though i don't update my blog as much as i used to... im only 5 short of 100 now :-)

KOW *bougie neck roll*

The fact that I still get followers kind of makes me want to blog some more. I'll admit, I have been extremely lazy these days and have resorted to my lil ol' tumblr to keep the blogger bug away... but who am i?

I mean to be real, I actually kind of miss Blogger.

I'll be back a little later to rant about the beautiful yet ugly things in life, the crazy world that we all in live in and the places I have been in the last few months... (Philly, Cali, Vegas, ATL, home..etc) <-- alot of fuckery might i add.

oh and just an FYI.. i dont write in full complete sentences nor do I use perfect english or punctuate my words. In fact, I even make up my own words so if u have a problem...#shrug

in the meantime