Monday, July 20, 2009

Hair Cut UPDATE!!


its been a long time coming.. hehe
but guess what................................

I got my hair cut!!

woot woooot

Although it took "weeks" to finally accomplish.

But im soo happy that I finally got it.
I ended up having my father cut it for the simple fact that all other salons and barbershops that i went to either disappointed me or were to scared to do it....so why not have someone that you trust do it. Beside Pops always joked about cutting my hair off anyways.... so this was his chance and boyyy did he enjoy it lol (peep picture below)

isn't he silly... smh (thats my hair on his chin btw)

However, its not yet finished .... I *finally* found a salon a couple of days ago that could hook me up (natural hair and all). So I will be going there to get a little bit of styling and color done..


Im so excited!
I never felt so liberated about my hair than I do now!
its awesome!

i know im extra late in updating. haha

i'll be sure to post more pics later.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Independence Day!!

Happy Fourth Of JULY everyone!!

please be safe in watever you decided to do.
Its real out here

& ENJOY the hell out of yourself!! i know imma try.


Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Michael Jackson death to me is still so unreal. its gonna take me a while to get over. This man was everything. He was my childhood. UGH. I just love him.
Here is a snippet of Moonwalker.

since youtube sucks... you have to click on this picture to watch the video.
Its well worth the watch.
Besides I know u remember Moonwalker lol.


Philly Nilly


i have no new pics of my hair cut because .......

i didn't get it.


I ultimately chose a last minute trip to Philly over the clippers....

That doesn't mean that I will not get the hair cut, cause it will def happen......

Very soon might I add.

I find myself hating my hair more and more everyday.


SideShow BOB= ME.........*blank stare*........ plessss



any whoooooooooo........

i enjoyed my lil getaway to Philly. It was quite relieving. Plus, i finally got a chance to take more photos downtown. Usually, Im always in the "temple U" (<---sarcastic voice) part of Philly.

its nothing like skipping town with the clan and doing illegal shyt..
ooo yum

censored for obvious reasons...


i just them lol
some of them may hate this pic but this is the only pic that i have with everyone... so they need to just suck it up =)

ummmm well i don't really have much to say forealz (mainly because Im sleepy)... so I'll just leave you guys with some pics that I took over the weekend...

this dirty bitch's foot touched me while we was on the way home....ugh ugh ... my skin felt like it was peeling afterward... its called exfoliation bitch. >:-{
why would this man have this authentic ass Declaration of Independence on this bus...... Man I wish this photo was in color so that you all could see the seriousness of authenticness that this document was...
right afterwards he pulls out this... *blank face* ................it on cloth.......

but look who was there..... :-D koowwww bitch. that's my PRESIDENT!! lol

Ok. enough.

cause im sleepy as hell.