Monday, July 20, 2009

Hair Cut UPDATE!!


its been a long time coming.. hehe
but guess what................................

I got my hair cut!!

woot woooot

Although it took "weeks" to finally accomplish.

But im soo happy that I finally got it.
I ended up having my father cut it for the simple fact that all other salons and barbershops that i went to either disappointed me or were to scared to do it....so why not have someone that you trust do it. Beside Pops always joked about cutting my hair off anyways.... so this was his chance and boyyy did he enjoy it lol (peep picture below)

isn't he silly... smh (thats my hair on his chin btw)

However, its not yet finished .... I *finally* found a salon a couple of days ago that could hook me up (natural hair and all). So I will be going there to get a little bit of styling and color done..


Im so excited!
I never felt so liberated about my hair than I do now!
its awesome!

i know im extra late in updating. haha

i'll be sure to post more pics later.


  1. cute.

    very unique.

  2. cute! can't wait to see the other changes as far as style and color...oh and I love the new layout! especially the banner!!!!!

  3. Thanks guys! I probably should have posted another pic of it, to really show the style of it.

    But thanks Brittany about the banner... I did it myself.. ;-)

  4. wow love the quirky hair style! i want one just like it!

  5. Lilee you would be soo cute with it.

    thank you Riss

  6. lol i guess i would! thanks for following!

  7. Nice Bee. I thought Uncle charles had done gone Osama on us for a minute. LOL

  8. yea the doo is dooooope.

    ima cut mines up like yours...

  9. nice--reminds me of cassie.,but i get wht you mean--i felt like i had finnally become myyself when i cut off all myy hair--its a beautiful beginning.,