Sunday, March 8, 2009

Never cease to amaze me.... The iPhone

So I've been looking for a blogger app for my phone since I'm out of town and far far away from a computer.. I came across a few that look promising; I'm gonna try to test them out to see how they do.

In the meantime...
IM IN FLORIDA!! For a whole week... O yea!
My little fake spring break (it's not even my spring break yet neither)
And I feel that it is important that I have a app for this so that no insane story goes untold... I'm sure I will see and be involved in a lot of them lls.

Well anywho... I feel delusional right now... Functioning off of 4 hours of sleep and 2 flights is no good. Need to get my Zzz before I start writing some crazy shyt.... If I haven't already


  1. even though it has its hang up, its so worth it no matter what anybody says....
    its the originator...

  2. u know i believe that every week in march is someones spring break...i mean REALLY what is the official start of spring break? lol

    have fun in Florida!!! hope the weather is nicer than here!!! haha...

    thanks for following by the way...(sorry i haven't gotten around to "see ya"!)..you now have a new blogstalker!! hahaha