Thursday, March 19, 2009

Obsesses Craiglist/classified section Furniture shopping... by the way of Procastination

I'm indecisive...

I am quick to admit it
I can not make a decision in a reasonable amount of time to save my life...

this is bad because it usually ends up with me procrastinating some shyt...


a YEAR and a half ago... I made a vow with myself, that I was going to purchase myself some bedroom furniture since i was (and still am btw) living out of 2 body-size plastic buckets and 2 closets... with 1 being a walk-in :-|

It's getting ridiculous... because my clothes and little trinkets collection is
out-growing my room and it's storage containers.... smh

and even worst.. well its not that bad
due to the lack of proper storage, I have to donate some clothes and things about
every 2 months.


like whatt????

Plus even my dog seems to find his joy in my mess... as we all may know from previous post..

But not only does the barrage of clothing and shyt scattered in my room piss me off but it pisses my mom off (who has now given me my 8th eviction notice... because of this)
She tells me to buy some furniture or get the hell out.. lol
Now trust I don't mind getting out( i really kind of want to) but with the economy right now and my responsibilities of car note, health/car insurance, school tuition, taxes, tickets other fuck ass misc bills and whatnots. My young ass would be rape, strangled and defecated on the street by the lovely Corporate Puppetmasters ...(aka GOV'T)

So back to that part when I made a vow back a Year and a half ago...
Since that moment I have been aimlessly searching for some quality furniture (can't do cheap quality...thats not my style) at numerous of furniture stores and catalogs.... found some things but COULD NOT make my decision about what I wanted. For a fuckin year and a half!!...
now to me this is fuckin retarded and needs to fixed because I can't go on living in the "real" world like this.

the procrastination is getting worst now that I have responsibilities to spend my money on. So I had to throw away the "dreams-that-were-once-reality" of purchasing some "quality" furniture that would last and just get me some "fuck-it..Live Life" type dresser and chest off of craigslist and the washington post... or local thrift store
and make it happen... but this shyt is kickin my ass...

I can't really ask any of you guys for help.. because it's really nothin that you guys can tell me other than "get over it"..

so imma just sit here and continue to search craigslist...


  1. I am indecisive person too.. the more options... harder it is. I think you have the right idea with the economy. stay home and make it work for a little bit girl!

  2. lol..sometimes you just need to talk sense into yourself lol...if it makes you feel better i've been swearing up and down i am going to purchase a dresser...did the craigslist thing but then i get this whole self-conscious someone elses things use to be in this...LOL..

    i'm just going to Ikea! ha! Cheap and new! When you finally DO make a purchase..LET US SEE!!