Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Money makes me want to throw up

♫ Money make me cum... money money make me cummm ♫

Sorry Rick Ross, money does NOT make me cumm darling.
that is unless i bought a rabbit or something

in fact it makes me sick, delusional and numb...

I mean don't get me wrong i love spending it but with this economy like it is and has been. The love of spending it is now becoming more less enjoyable, than it is enjoyable. I know some of you will disagree, but i don't care.

Money is the root of all fuckin evil!!

and the root of all my panic and stress attacks...<- if that is real

If you put my ass on a reality game show, everybody's throat would be sliced and all backs would be stabbed.. there would be no fun and games or friendships being made... just me getting the money..lol

*just being real
I mean today, i sat here just now, calculating the money i will be getting come 12am friday morning and began subtracting all bills and expenses that will be getting cut out of it before i will EVEN GET A FUCKING CHANCE TO PUT MY LITTLE BROWN FINGERS ON IT.... and was fuckin left with a few measly coins to manage with.

ARGH!! fuck you bills

like WTF! School is basically the #1 ass raper of my life right now... I think they bust some kind of nut everytime they put my ass in a financial hold or some shyt. A bitch is gonna have to get her 2nd job back to make this shyt work again..

But I guess i can't complain too much because I made the decisions that put me in this financial mess... so i must build a bridge and get the fuck over it...

I have a trip coming up that i decided to treat myself too but the figures that i had planned to have in my bank account"s" have magically disappeared... so I am going to attempt to ask my mom for a few coins... which will be a hard task for me since i am pro-independent and all plus I haven't ask her for any money in a billion years.

Moms cut that spoiling shyt short when i was a little girl

I'm nervous but I'm still going to try cause i need it or else im going to be one sick puppy in florida


  1. rick ross is soooo fired for that. let's say re-fired ; after 50 had his babymama up in the Gucci store making him (ROSS) look like the greatest sucker of all time.

    i kinda feel like stress attacks are real. i have 'em every week when i look at my syllabi.