Monday, March 23, 2009

ooo Scary

So this Friday.... the movie with the scary ass trailer is coming out...

It's called "The Haunting in Connecticut"

For some reason i think this movie might be an actual scare but then again i don't know.... being that it is rated PG-13....

you never know...
still going to see it though

peep the trailer here.


  1. well shit! where the hell have i been? i feel so shamed to say i've never even seen or heard of this movie. like im really shamed lol cuz i LOVE scary movies.

    *walks out bowing head*

  2. lol lol...its okay cause i just found out about it two days ago lol
    so u not alone lol

  3. you'll have to tell me if this is any good...to me it looks like the other true stories of hauntings movies...

    but i've heard a lot of people saying for some reason they think it looks good..

    if i do see it..it will be DURING THE DAY..i'm lame like that lol