Sunday, March 15, 2009

I love My Apples, but I want my Oranges back

I just got back home yesterday and I am already aching to go back to florida....


I am so pissed that I have to go back to "work/real life" in a couple of hours tomorrow

I absolutely ♥ Florida
and can not wait to go back
I had alot of fun lol and met cool people
and got on a few rides

Meanwhile, while I was there... i kept cursing how I didn't have my new camera yet(hint side pic)-->
not knowing that my phone's camera would suffice

yea ppl may hate on the iphone's camera capabilities but let me tell you..even though it has no flash or zoom or the fact that the picture snap button is ON the screen...the pictures are way better than the regular blurry ass camera phone pics....
shyt, they practically look like regular digital pics....i lied..lol

but i so ♥ my apple

any ways its gettin late so i'll just leave a few pictures until i come back tomorrow...

this is what I looked like almost every night for 7 days smh

yea i have a flask... does that make me an alcoholic??

i went here and had fun.. ;-)

..... and i even got a chance to do this hehe

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  1. look at u lookin just like ya mama!!! glad u had a great time and u need more vacas like that!!