Monday, June 1, 2009

I feel DEAD

As of late it feels as if I have been losing a part of myself...

I don't know if it relates to the facts that I am a prisoners of a (9-5) 9-630 that succumbs to the seclusion of her cubicle or that I am a victim of internet brain slaughter. Which ever it may be. I need a change.

I need a change because I feel like some of my intellect(including all vital internal organs are disintegrating into black soot). I refuse to allow this world to grab a hold of me as such.

God has so much meaning for my life. I just know he does.
And being dumbfounded is not one of them.

I need to surround myself with more friends/people with substance and get involved in activities of meaningful purpose. Mmm better yet I need a good fuckin book. (any suggestions)

What ever it may be...
I need a intervention.

(so to give me something to look forward to. i think Im going to start this "a photo a day" memoir. lol It should be fun. I love photography and photography loves me lol. (<--corny) ...should be fun)

photo taken by Jeremiah
edited by Me


  1. Ironic...I just made a post expressing similar feelings, except I've been calling this feeling a *lost* feeling for lack of a better word. I've been craving some kind of substance in my life, like you said...a book or something! Feels like life is losing its spunk
    :-/ When ya find a good book...let me know, and I'll do the same ;-)
    Just remember...you're not alone, you'd be surprise who out there feels the same, exact way you do.
    much <3

  2. I feel you. I'm going through the same thing. In a different sense.

  3. wow... i feel like ur in my head rite now. i told myself this SAME EXACT shit today. like within the last 45 minutes. i said fuck all this internet shit. twitter... facebook... all that shit. but the one thing i said is worth any attention is my blog. cuz thats my own little corner to be left w/ my thoughts. no updates, no conversation, no annoying ass applications... just ME. and so decided (as i sit here with tears on my face) to log in. and this posr was the first thing i saw. and im glad it was.

  4. a few months ago i read "a hope in the unseen" by ron suskind. that was a really good book. my lil brother, vonte, was supposed to be reading for summer school some years ago and thought it was boring. so i took it lol and i loved it. i can let u borrow it if u want. its a true story

  5. its seemd like its the season for cloudy emotions but like i said to a follwer who was going through the similar thing, it will pass and just always give thanks for life and love!

    p.s great pic