Tuesday, May 26, 2009

oo FACK!


Oh, Blogger.

Why have I been so distant?


Hi new followers! Im still confused as to why I have so many followers and I don't even update enough. haha I guess this motivates me to show blogger more love than I have been....
I can even blame it on Twitter this time either since i have barely been on it. So I guess the neglect twiddles down to the fact that I am lazy lol.

Nonetheless, I have alot to update you all on! It was my 21st Bday a couple of days ago (May22). Though I enjoyed myself, I must say it was a mixture of anger and happiness. But hey all my birthdays are like that so watev.

(my last bday I broke up with my boyfriend at the time... I was with his ass for like 2 years ugh....his yuck ass *bleh*..and then proceed to do nothin on my bday or if i did I can't remember.. HA. I had a very interesting choice of boyfriends back in the day... Oh well fuck it..)

Any ways I'll tell you all the details of my 21st later when I get a chance to upload my pics ;-)

meanwhile, I hope everyone enjoyed their Memorial Day weekend & festivities! This summer looks like its gonna go pretty well :-)


I will be postin some old ass posts that have been sitting in my queue as well lol.. so if u see post magically appear in earlier dates, that what that is... haha


  1. lol...at least you find your way back hahahaha

    and HAPPY BELATED 21st BDAY!?!?!

    Have a great week Bee!!

  2. look at that, although i don't celebrate my birthday, we share the same birth date hahah!