Sunday, May 10, 2009

Wait!!... I'm still here =)

I have been neglecting my blogspot like never before... Im surprised I still have followers. smdh @ myself.

ok so check this....
Why have I been writing this one post for almost a whole month. Ugh. Its still sitting there waitin to be published and everything lol. I just feel so out of the loop in blogworld lol.

So, I shall do a recap of my life lol since the last time i were here... (some of u may not care but its okay, ill still do it anyways :-)

so remember my lovely post about my dreaded-but-ever-so-exciting search for some furniture?? Well this is one of my first findings lol. Yea i know. It looks.... different... right? Ha! well I bought it from the vintage section of a thift store around my way. I was so excited when I found this 19th Century lookin wood chunk. It is true to his originality and very well handcrafted (no nails! ha) and I am so excited that I got it for only $40. Now after this baby gets polished, oiled down and modified, its going to give all of $$$$ expensive ass vintage furniture price.

O yea on top of that here is my other piece that i found for $8 to go with my first piece. =D

Anyways enough of my version of HGTV.

I recently went to Philly for one of my girlfriend's 21st.<--which occured on April 20th. '_' yes April 20th.. *sigh* need I say more??

Its just so much to say about this trip but I'll leave that for another post.
As a matter of fact, the post that has been sitting in my queue of posts for almost a month, has the details from it... I'll just say that I experienced and learned alot about myself and my life decision. Needless to say, I had alot of fun, whether I was sober or intoxiated.

here are a few pictures...

pardon the cleavage...i cant control it :-)

Ohh this place was soooooooo good. yummy yum

here is the food... LOVE

as we were walkin down the street back to the house we pass a bunch of party dancers... then this guy yells out to me to talk this cuntalicious pic of him lol...haha too funny.. i wish i had more video of him lol

the birthday gurl
So yea..... thats all I feel like posting from Philly in this post. You will def see more of it in the other post lol....

anyways im gettign sleepy.. I'll see u guys later...

buh bye xox


  1. No I love HGTV. I see the potential too! You could post all the furniture in the world. Nice piece. Once I get my money and priorities right I will be furniture's shopping and selling all of my generic shit!

    I am still trying get over your age...

  2. heeey nice to see you again LOL...nice find with the furniture..i wish i had the eye or the patience to search and fix up things like that lol...

    i was DYIN laughing at that guy on the car....food looks great and so do all of yoU!?!?!?

    Have a great week!!!

  3. ur blog is so random....
    i love it...

    -Mr. Wilson-