Friday, June 26, 2009

Chop Chop

okay so remember how I told you guys that I was turning over a new leaf.... well one of those things to help me turn it over was CUTTING MY HAIRRRRRRRR (along side of quitting my cigs, getting on a diet, losing this weight, and traveling and creating my arts...lol


i am suppose to be cutting it today but im still tryin to find a reliable salon to go to but its becoming a task within itself.... ugh..


im kind of SCARED.... ~_~

I have had this mane of mine for soo long that its kind of sad to try to cut it now.

Also, for the past 2 years I have been tryin to grow my hair out longer with all these products and procedures (<---- in which have worked). so it seems kind of weird to all of a sudden want to cut it after all of this dedication. but hair is just hair............... right? lol

I am a natural baby, have been for about 11 years now. I have grown to love my natural tresses in so many ways. My hair gave me a meaning, a image, a voice. It has even brought me closer to my culture and to the heritage of my ancestors. But.....

I need this change in my life. 11 years is a long time. Don't worry though im not permin my hair... (that would be an abomination.)

im just going to make a drastic cut.... sort of like.......


with a mixtureeee of


and this ♥s her

* only difference is im getting it on BOTH sides... KOWW

now i know alot of you may be sayin that im just copying this broad

but in reality I'm not... I have always wanted to do my hair like this for a loooong time... i just didnt feel ready to do something so drastic and so daring. But i had always dreamed that when i get my dreads, i was gonna shave off a side of my head to put designs in it..and later a tattoo... but these bitches hop on this shyt before i could even get my dreads poppin off.

u know i was pissed..

besides no one wants to look like Cassie and her skin headed ass...

the other thang that pissed me off about it as well was, as most things, people are going to mimic these celebs and get these hairstyles just to have them. It makes me angry.. cause now since the bitch pictured above and a few other .. *cough* La La Vasquez... have gotten their hair cut like this alot of random ppl are gonna start getting it.

so i need to make my mark now cause i like to stand alone...

here are some before pics... :-)

okay so that enough... i was startin to get a lil carried away lol

so hopefully tomorrow i wil have some pics to show u of the new cut...




  1. how exciting!!!

    I was quite nervous myself before the BIG CHOP!....now my hair is in that purgatory state where i just can't do much with it right now LOL

    in any case can't wait to see the results!!! :)

  2. awww :)
    honestly i was worried to get mine cut the first time. but after a while i started to like it...and it when it grew out long again i cut it AGAIN lol. plus when u cut it, it grows faster. :) so u may like it. but one side completely cut off B??? really??? lol that's gonna be weird. but if that's what u wanna do...

    (btw, its pip...if u haven't seen my name on FB i got this joint as my mid name)

  3. you have beautiful hair... i would be scared.. although you seem to have the look for this cut.... but i cant wait to see it!!

  4. hahaha.,yess--perms ARE an abomination!.,lol
    ive been natural for abbbout 3 yrs--but its so infuriatingg sometimes.,once a while i get the urge to just shaave the whole thing--lol.,its taking too long to groww.,but i considered doing wht you did--i lovve the 1st pic of kelis w/the microphone.,

  5. *yikes* i def need to set up an email notification when ppl comment on my post...

    i am Late boots!!

    But ummm thanks everyone :-)

    and Heidi you have absolutely BEAUTIFUL HAIR!!!