Wednesday, August 12, 2009

So maybe I am excited....

Okay even though I was ranting and raving in my last post about how the summer is about to end......

I'm actually kind of excited.......

Yea I said it.
Im excited for the Fall.
I mean who wouldn't be. Everything that comes with Fall is awesome.....

the weather


btw that's my boo


yes Black Friday is considered a Holiday
at least to me it is


and of course


Honestly, Fall could be quite actually one of the most important seasons in the fashion world. HELLOO NYC FASHION WEEK...

But never mind all of that right now.
i wont talk ya'll ears off about it lol.
( maybe i will in the future)

but i will share some of these Fall Campaign Ads from Gucci.........

let me just tell you.
first and foremost, I ♥ Gucci
(and no im not talkin the rapper)

Gucci is just wonderfurrr << my Madea voice
They seem to know "exactly" what you want and desire each season

They never fail.....

Take this sequin multi-fluorescent-colored-leopard print tunic and blazer and these shiny flourescent-bubble-like-glare pumps.....

<<Uber Stuck face>>

if i had the $$$$$
I def would be wearing this shyt...
probably all the time, might I add. :-)
I would just wear it for no fuckin reason. *sigh*
i mean look at the shirt...........
its leopard print.... WTF

& Yes I do have some insane obsession/weakness for all things animal print.
**maybe I belong in the jungle**

Nonetheless, Im a poor little rich girl
who will not be able to afford any of these things.... unless i stop playing and save my money. But then again, i can barely save a quarter .....


But watever, I'm still the queen of thrifting lol (Once, i found me some Michael Kors tie up boots for $40 during one of my Philly escapades... so hey i might get lucky one day lol)

i can def find something that can give em the same effect of this gucci sequin tunic....... **tear**
well not exactly the "same" as a gucci but close ..... :-)

Any who... enough of my rambling...
just get into some of the Gucci Fall Fashion Ads and handbags... *cough* excuse me ... "python" handbag...

its to much to talk about in this ad. From the leopard sequins suit to the thigh high leather boots in the back......I LIVEthat python bag makes me cry......if i see anybody with it... I might grovel at their feet....
that leather jacket on that guy is fire...... Im tryin to see if that is a python sleeve ....if it is...... *FAINTS*

btw im sure PETA hates this line with a passion... but you know what... they can suck it


  1. I love fall too! One of things I like is the colors and "in between" weather but this summer wasn't so hot until this week. And I think I am actually gonna get into football this season. I am not that big on sports but I am gonna try.

    And you have exquisite fashion taste by the way... loves it.

  2. fall is my ish...the more clothes the better...great post....check me out please...