Monday, August 10, 2009

...a wreck...

*SIGH* <---loud boisterous sigh

It's been a while since I have been on here...... I know....... a damn shame it is.

I actually have been working on reinventing my blog. I'm just tried of the way it looks. I tried to add a lil something something with my banner and with the icons on the left side of the screen. Yet it's still seems cluttered, tacky, and outdated... I need some flair!! <--- lmao @ that word.... its soo cunty

With that being said, hopefully I will have a new layout poppin off soon. It will make it easier on the eyes and be more inviting. Plus I would absolutely love to see more pictures of myself on here lol... (<--- I know that sounds vain but watev)

anyyyywhhhhoooooo............ on to further "devastating" NEWS

THE SUMMER IS ENDINGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WTF MAN?!?!?

like what happened... it seemed like it just started and now its over......

all of the things that I had planned to do with my summer


Well for the exception of my hair.
Speakin of which, I should probably show you guys more pics of my hair because the first pic that I posted was nothin. smdh

and then of course i had to straighten it (Please excuse the straggled ends I haven't been to a salon in ages *_*) lol
but unlike alot of these queens that have shaved their head I can still pass off with a full head of hair ..!!!

(stupid face but for the sake of the point im proving)
SEE ^^^ HA!
*sings Hannah Montana's theme song* I GET THE BESSSSST OF BOTH WORLDDDS
(im a loser) lol
.... heh

{side note}
Yes, I did get my lip pierced....i kno u noticed it in a few of my pics :-) my nose and tragus is next.... (still debating whether i want a tongue ring or not though)

okay back to the bigger subject at hand...



I did not lay around on any beach that looked like this.

Nor did I lose any weight or save any money.....


I need to get my life together in both the departments because Fall Season is coming up **AMBER** and I would really like to be able to "FIT" into my clothes (in the size I want). Plus I would very much like to be able to afford such clothes............................................ so i need to get it together..... I have only about 3-4 weeks left!! *__*

Speaking of 3 to 4 weeks... SCHOOL starts in 3 weeks.............................................. LORD only knowsss.*__*

My brain literally feels like mush at this very moment. I just dont know what or how I am going to do it. I have to most definitely get my mind frame together. I really havent been in school since dec.08. ( well i did take 1 class spring semester but it was only 3 weeks long so it doesnt count lol) so you already know i have been majorly slacking.
Actually, at the record Im going I dont think I even know how to write a paper anymore. Honestly, if my professor told me to write a 20 pg research report.. i wouldn't even know where to begin. SMDH. But on the good note I am actually lookin forward to this school year. So I believe that it is a good thing (minus the few downfalls that may have presented itself within the last few weeks about my school situation). I feel like learning. :-)

*sigh* there is just soo much that I want to write about but it would make this post soooo long and random. So I will stop here and return later for the rest to prevent "clutterness".

**BTW I dont know who actually reads this mess that i write, but i think its pretty cool that ppl do. I have almost 70 followers... Maybe since I have a should start writing more about real topics, like inspirational/debatable shyt lol.... instead of talking about myself. I think then I can actually give ppl reasons to read.**


oh yea with FALL approaching you know I can't forget to ask........


i am.


  1. B, I read this joint everytime you post. Matter of fact, the first time I followed you I read each post that you had on here (bored? Yes lol).


    HOW ABOUT THEM COWBOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

  2. well...as a fellow slacker (since i haven't been in school since dec 08 either lol...well actually nov 08 since I withdrew early) everything will be A-OK! You're not alone in many boats...I haven't worked since last yr...so no money saved, either. Yet, I have been excersizing daily (although some areas don't seem to be changing *sad face*) lol...glad to see ur posting again.
    and love the hair, wish I was more bold when I had my BC...I wore hats til it started growing..but then again it was winter lol

  3. oh...and I have my tragus pierced. forewarning: it will hurt and don't mess with it unless cleaning it or it will turn into a keloid. I actually got rid of it using garlic and extra virgin olive oil lol

  4. lmao!!!!! diet and exercise on deck we got a couple weeks to go at it extra harddddddddddddaaaa

  5. Yea I only went to the beach twice..and the water was hardly blue! noticed the dream car and its VERY random I TOO WISH I had that car in like a yellow color!! BUT..one of these days though.

  6. @Piph
    HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS?!?!?! haha yessss we in there this season.....hopefully

    we gonna get it together and crush this school semester lol
    and thank you btw (on the hair comment)

    BISHHHHHHHHHHHHH ...... *__*
    u already know

    Yea i too went to a beach... once... niether was it blue and pretty... ugh
    but yes the dream car is everything...
    im thinkin either a lit purple or a orangie color...maybe even a classic red... ahhhhhhh yes