Wednesday, August 25, 2010

RIP Aaliyah

I can not go through this whole day with out acknowledging Aaliyah. Before the beyonces, ciaras and rihannas came on the scene Aaliyah was rocking people's worlds. (including Damon Dash, Jayz, RKelly alike) I loved her and as most teenage girls i was completely devastated when she passed.

See, I in fact was an Aaliyah stan and on the day she died, i was up early in the morning doing what the average teenage stan does..... hawking and stalking her fan page (i was 13, what gives), thats when all of a sudden a RIP post pops up on the message board. i was like HUH?!?!?! O_O whhhhhaaaaaatttttt!
..... ran to the tv and waited........ and waited some more
Then, I saw it. Aaliyah was indeed gone...

I tell you for a 13 yr old stan that was the biggest blower before school started. but i will not get into a whole spill about the crocodile tears and sadness because there is no need for it; no more mourning.


I use to be so in love with this video, I would go as far as to actually calling The Box and requesting it ( ya'll know that shit cost). Once i bought her music video dvd set (-_-) i studied and learned the entire dance. yes the entire dance (not to mention the other videos that I memorized ).... Wait, before you think that it couldn't get any more pathetic than that, check this. I would even "passionately" sing it out loud to an nonexistent guy as if i was Aaliyah herself, all while dancing -_-
heh, i was such a weird ass.
but today i found out i wasn't the only one cause two ppl responded to me saying that they too memorized entire dance numbers from her diff videos.. so im not alone on this weirdo boat
BTW just imagine how awkward and silly i looked betweeb 1:42-2:00
i hate it all

this post, in fact looks like a 16 year old wrote it.. and im not okay with that. I enroll back in school soon. *rolls eyes*


Aaliyah also makes me think of my old childhood best friend Candace and all the many of days that i would go over her house and we would listen to her albums hours on top of hours..... ugh i miss her. RIP Candace Baby

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