Wednesday, March 10, 2010


okay when did Payless start giving all of this straight off the runway shoe????

i mean im not gonna fake, for the past couple of seasons Payless has been stepping their game up. I have bought some bad ass wedge biker boot by featured designer Alice+Oliver from Payless but this Christian Siriano line is looking quite desirable...

For those that dont know who Christian Siriano is, he was the winner of the fourth season of Project Runway... That's all that I really know about him. But I guess that's all u need to know.

All his shoes run at about $79 ... (boy has Payless came a long way lol)

i dont know.. i may have to get a pair or something... lol

I personally am digging the blue ones for myself. As you can see to the right (pictured with Christian Siriano) Amber Rose rocked a pair not too long ago for NY fashion week. (dont know if she just wore them for his show or what.. but none the less, they are still hot)


these are pretty hot too

Im diggin it.


  1. all i can say is "whaaaaaat?" too lol

    wow. well alrite payless. sheit.

  2. exactly! lol
    let me find out payless working with something

  3. I'm feeling the beige heels with the sequin straps...but of course the only size left on the site is an 11! :-(

  4. Uh i dont like this idea...putting "these type" of shoes in PAYLESS..NOOOO..im sorry but the DMV is known for taking something that just came out and raping a store of it AND THEN wearing it obsessively! Comon Brei u know them little girls(yea them) going go crazy wit it..its not going be special for people that actually know how to rock em. :(

  5. yea i actually feel you on that Jazz. Im sure its gonna look like a hot mess in the DMV come spring time. Once these hit the stores, (thats if they havent already) we are gonna see just about everybody and they momma rockin these shoes and shoes of this style with just about any and everything like its a everyday pump. But thats okay because i honestly dont think that alot of ppl are gonna buy them at $80 a pop coming out of payless... But if these come out on topshop (like they say they might) then we have a problem.