Tuesday, March 9, 2010

This is what its suppose to look like

OMG.. im soooooo happy that somebody in Kid Cudi's camp snapped out of it and gave him a video for his single "Pursuit of Happiness" that actually at least tries to capture the ambiance of his style and music... that first video with the champagne, girls and other stupid looking dressed up people (including Drake), was horrific and i hated it so. I mean dont get me wrong, It has some underlying message to it but i still didnt like it. The new video is similar to the direction that he needs to go... Plus I was kind of happy to see that Ratatat made an appearance. :-)

i hope they got rid of the visual director that did his first one. Bad bad treatment, just... just plain awful...

peep the new video below and then the first ratchet one below it.



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