Thursday, February 11, 2010

R.I.P. McQueen

Alot of people, may not know who this man is (some probably dont care) but watever...He's name is Alexander McQueen.

Today he was pronounce dead. It is believe that he committed suicide..

I normally don't do post like this.. but its so unexpected.
I really dont have much to say because I didn't know the man personally. But he was one of the few fashion designers that I actually looked forward to seeing. Im no fashionista, but it was something about his work that was so intriguing. In my opinion, he was a creative genius. He was not just a fashion designer to me...he pushed the envelope.. gave us something to look at. Creating things that you normally don't see in the fashion world...
Because of that, I was really inspired by this man....

Sad to know that this creativity is gone.
many blessings and prayers to his family


sorry i just kind of threw the pictures up here.. but u get it

RIP to Alexander McQueen


  1. omgosh yes..I love his clothes..im trying to make some dresses inspired by his spring collection. Its so sad how people like that up and die. Sometimes I get blinded by their creativity I forget their a real person(if that make sense).

  2. yea it makes perfect sense...i found myself doing the same thing... sad sad day in the fashion world