Tuesday, February 16, 2010

DIY till I DIE

Okay so anybody that knows me knows that I'm a Die hard do-it-yourself kind of chick...

I mean i will do anything and everything myself if possible. And Im not talking about limiting that to just fashion/clothes and lil nifty trinkets. No. I can do few home improvements... you know the whole nine..build shit, fix shit, paint shit, etc lol... With me, the sky is the limit (yet of course i leave big projects to the big guys. lol)
I just always like to have my own stuff, that's how I've always been. My mom pretty much raised me that way, it makes everything that much more personable.

So anywayssss, enough about me.

I just so happened to run up on this lovely DIY website called "PS-I made this..." from fashion website Whowhatwear. This website features many fabulous fashion projects that just about every last one of you can do... At first I was gonna be stingy and keep it all for myself but i figured that you'll see it sooner or later (plus it wouldn't be fair) so why not share...

So moving along.... this particular DIY that I am featuring was inspired by the Proenza Schouler SS 2010 Ready- to-Wear collection....

Yes u to can be high-end fly

Erica Domesek, of "PS-I made this..", teamed up with WhoWhatWear to produce a Designer DIY for all of us Poor Little Rich Girls.... For the instructions and everything else.. simply click on the image below..

I personally can not just recreate this piece to the exact detail... i feel like that is in some form creating a fake or bootleg version of the $1,335 real thing... but i would put a twist to it and switch the colors up, even though the blue and yellow is absolutely magnifit


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