Saturday, October 3, 2009

its 3:08pm.
And im just waking up.
Have you ever woke up high?
How irresponsible of me.
I actually had shit to do today.
*kanye shrugs*
Oh Well.

Its time to get this day started. Because there is more fuckery to ensue.

FUCKERY is the reason for my absence.... my days have been filled with nothin but straight fuckerage

it seems like i cant control it.

Anyways. Have you ever woke up feeling like everybody hates you?

i woke up to a billion text messages and missed calls. I just know every body hates me.

Last night I bleached a lighenting bolt on the right side of my head..... It looks pretty cool. It was sort of like a tester.... that came out extra dope ......lets see if i can find a picture.... Hold please.

Here it is lol... excuse the sleepy face

I will be giving plenty of bleached scalp this Fall ...so if u see me now... thats what you will see, in different variations lol.

In the meantime. I am preparing for Fall. Should be a lovely season... It already started awesome..so it can only get better. :-)

School started 5 weeks ago and I barely did any work.... Im such a slacker....Am i the only slacker or have you guys been doing okay with classes?


Anyways Halloween is coming!!!!! I know its a sin to be this excited for Halloween but oh well. I dont like it for the demonic shyt... i just like dressing up in costumes..... if i could wear a costume every day i would....

I was a vampire last year..... i was going to a gay club, so that why my face is so elaborated.
Mom did my make up! beat it with a muthafuckin bat.
So this year I might be Lady GaGa.
but ummm I need to leave... I have to go get my hair done.
So i will be back later to write some more shyt.
This post is random as shit....... but thats okay.

Look at it as an update. lol


  1. the bleach streak is pretty decent i can't lie. A+

    the blog that no one knows about.
    [I would love for this statement to become ironic]

  2. I'm loving the bleach bolt...
    But eruhm... where da hell you been? LOL

  3. sighhhhhhhh man there is soo much i want to blog about but im just to fuckin lazy...


    thats all gonna change though

    but thanks guys

  4. i love the lightening bolt! its soo badass
    & i cant wait 4 halloween either! i love costumes
    but my mom is a pastor and she hates it but i only do it for the free candy! lol


  5. your hair is beautiful! I love it. I don't have the balls to do something like this.