Thursday, April 16, 2009

It's been a while.....

It's Twitter's Fault!


It's amazing how my whole life has been altered around this little bird...


anywho hello everybody.

I honestly I don't know why I have followers. Where did ya'll come from? hehe I barely write on here.I don't know who told ya'll to follow me but none the less you are still quite, very welcome. I guess it gives me a reason to write now.

Plus I FINALLY got me a new CAMERA!!!! yay!
now i don't have to use my damn phone for everything.

see you guys later. muah


  1. 1. Damn twitter!
    2. I need new camera myself and the bb storm camera sux! That's why all people see are pics of me from 1998...
    3. See you on twitter! :-P

  2. smh @ the twitter

    i have yet to make the jump! i'm still holding out!! lol

    nice new camera..

    *teems...i like the camera on the storm lol*

    HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND BEE!!...hey come on over and sign the open toe pledge!!

  3. @ Jillian hahaha It seems slow to me. and the flash is blinding. But when I take pics outside and of things rather than people, I like it! lol

  4. aaaaaaahhh COME BACK BEEEEEE lol...

    i think you might need to go to twitter rehab lol..

    glad you still pop in though!!

    Hope you are having a great week!! (guess i would know if you'd blog about it...LOL) ;)