Thursday, January 29, 2009


Hellllllloooooo Bloggers and bloggerettes! ♥

The name is...errrr Bee if you care

I have been wanting to create a blog for sooo long now to document all the crappy, hysterical, racist, disgusting, lovely, adorable, revolutionary, stupid, boring and fucked up shyt that goes on within my world and the world around me.....but never came around to it ....... oo well

Just so many things have happened in my life in 08 ( which WILL be considered and stand as the most stankass year of my life) that it would only be right to start documenting this shyt..lls
Others seem to get a good laugh out of the events that happen in my life that i figure why not just let everyone get a fuckin taste...i dont care lol

sooo nevertheless.... I am here now and will be getting my blog onnnn .......
*now cuzo can get off my back now =)

Sometime I tend to NOT write in full sentences but when i do attempt, they are too long; I over use and misplace commas and periods... and tend to write as if i am talkin....and not as if i'm writing a fucking term paper or some sh*t....

sooo anywho...

I ask all that come to read, to please excuse any grammatical errors that i make.....get over it... im not fuckin perfect and i don't want to be, so don't JUDGE ME!!!! *I wouldnt care no ways =)



  1. omggggggg thanks be to sweet baby jesus that u finally got ur blog started lol lol

  2. Welcome to the wonderful blog world.